Monday, September 16, 2013

The Gutter

Drip, drop,
the rain sounds on the rooftop
Hitting so fiercely, so uncontrollably

The rain, it's on top of the world,
smashing against this rooftop,
feeling as it will never stop

But this rain, starts to

But doesn't realize it until it's 
digging fingernails into the

Praying to the God above
that He will teach them to 

Teach them to forgive, 
to really live

to be on top of the roof again,

To live right,
and to do
without a fight

But this rain,
continues to slide, 
covering it's eyes, 
trying to hide

From what's to come,
because here,
is rock bottom

Then here it comes,
the end..
giving up any possible way
to mend
what has been broken

But the most beautiful thing,
blocks the path,
while this rain,
is uncontrollably spiraling down,
while the cruel thoughts linger,
placed into the deep depths of the mind,
by this unforgettable,

It caught the fall, 
without one stutter,
and this rain,
will be forever thankful..
that God invented
The Gutter

Drip drop,
here we are again,
being carried...
all the way to the rooftop

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