Sunday, February 23, 2014


There are people all around,
Trying to bring you down.

Get the guts,
To look them in the eye,
And just say goodbye.

Because it’s hard enough,
Being happy,
That we don’t need that shit
Coming at us like a full blown hit.

Our happiness is our happiness,
And if there’s people around you
that don’t make you the happiest?

Then kick them to the curb,
Because there’s a million others
Who would walk across that ocean,
Instead of those who wouldn’t even jump a puddle.

So just do it—here’s your rebuttal. 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Only Human

Really, it's simple, to get caught up in the world and forget who you are.
Simple to go with the flow, stare out your window, and look at life from afar.

Sometimes that black hole, it sucks you in and the way out,
collapses on you,
the elevator is broken,
the stairway, it's gone.

Your loved ones, they've moved on.
Your enemies, are fighting strong.

There's no way out--you're trapped.

You need someone,
but everyone left, because you can't lean on them,
you can't confide in them,
you can't talk to anyone but yourself.

And they can't handle that,
they say "really, it's not good for your health."

But you can't pull yourself to spill your guts,
to give your heart to them, so they can
fix it.

But one man cannot rest the world on his shoulders,
one man cannot put up with the complications of everyday,
every week,
every month.

However long, you hold this in,
you cannot handle it.
As much as

You're only human.

So take advantage of the people around you.
Love dangerously,
Jump fearlessly,

But most of all,
trust in others--because we're not in this alone,

none of us are.