Monday, September 2, 2013

The 9th of August, 2013

Love can really fuck a person up

You fall for someone and you
realize you love them
You love them.. So. Much.
You go on loving them 
and thinking it'll last forever--
They're the only person you'll love
And then one day,
they break you.
they shatter you
they end you.

And all of a sudden,
you have to

But love is eternal,
love is undeniable
How do you love someone,
and then.. stop?
Did you never really love them?
Or will you.. Never. Stop.
The internal heart-wrenching pain...
never settling like a blood-filled vain.
Who can expect us to love again...
When the love we once experienced,
had to end?
The pain is like, a dark filled sky--
except we're the birds,

and we have to learn to fly

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