Sunday, June 23, 2013


Life is weird to think about isn't it?  What are we doing with our lives because I hear that we have such a short time to live... but the days seem so long.  Then I look back on my days and they flew by.  Life flies by, but it sure doesn't seem like that when you're living.  There's no other way to live than to really live.  That being said, with how young we are, we haven't lived.  Sure, we've had a couple breakups and we graduated high school, and we've been through all the friends and all the boyfriends we can imagine, but we have not lived.  We have not been to Africa, or camped in the desert.  We have not explored the seven wonders of the world, had a family, or had a small child grow inside of us.  We can't say that we have lived and we certainly can't complain or gripe or mope about the life that we have lived so far because even if it hasn't been the best life you think you could possibly live... it's a life.  We got a chance to live, and we better not take it for granted.  Because we aren't even close to being done... We have so much more life to live.